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63. An Audience–Preferably Live, but Whatever…

1 Feb

Photo by Paul G.
Flickr Creative Commons

Seeing as storytelling is part of most Southerners’ DNA, we’re always on the lookout for folks who will listen. Preferably folks who haven’t heard our stories before. Seven or eight times. Or more. But who’s counting? Oh, right: our listeners.

Just when you get going about the time you almost got shot by your mother (accidentally, of course) or how you ran over somebody’s mailbox (again, by accident) you spot it: that glazed look. The one that says, “I’ll listen to this again, but then I’m going to tell YOU about that time I found a snake in the closet.”

Perhaps that’s how Southerners got the reputation for being so hospitable. “Hey! So glad to meet you! Come sit by me, and let me tell you about the time…”

So…imagine my joy when I discovered that WordPress featured my blog on “Freshly Pressed.” Hits! Hits! Hooray!

I’m thrilled to welcome my new readers and subscribers. Thank you for sharing your insights, stories, ideas, and last but CERtainly not least, compliments.

And I’d like to give a virtual hug to all my friends, relations, and even a few strangers who’ve been with me from the get go.

As a Southern girl, I ought to be more coy and genteel, but I’m just going to come right out with it: If you like my blog, please let folks know. You needn’t take out a billboard or hire a sky writer, but a tweet or Facebook post would be nice. (And, again, thanks to all y’all who’ve already shared my site with friends!)

Thank you for reading!

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