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3. Everclear: The Next Best Thing to Moonshine

15 Sep

49058373-300x300-0-0_Everclear+Grain+Alcohol+190+750mlIf you think I’m talking about the band, you most likely didn’t attend a Southern university. Everclear grain alcohol is particularly popular among college students and anyone else who wants to get really drunk, really fast, for really cheap.

While it’s not completely odorless and tasteless, Everclear tends to go unnoticed when blended with fruity mixers like Hawaiian Punch. But after a couple of Jello shots or plastic cups full of “Whoop Juice,” you will know it was there. Boy, howdy.

Back in the day, they used to sell two-liter bottles of Purple Passion, which was essentially grape soda blended with Everclear. Sadly, this has gone the way of Zima. (Conversely, I know of no one who was saddened by Zima’s demise.)

If you wanted to get crafty, I reckon you could make your own, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Probably best to leave it alone anyhow. Otherwise, you might drink too much, end up with a purple moustache, and be saddled with the unfortunate nickname “Pierre.” Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Do you drink Everclear? If so, why? And what with?

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