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53. R.C. Cola–Good Enough for Me?

11 Jan

by Dewayne Neeley, Flickr Creative Commons

Looking for the perfect drink to wash down that Moon Pie? How about an R.C. Cola? It’s been so long since I’ve had one, I can’t even remember what they taste like. Probably like the love child of Coke and Pepsi with a dab of Dr. Pepper. But I could be way off base.

What I do remember about R.C. Cola is that you’re supposed to drop a handful of peanuts in the bottle before taking your first sip. Kind of like the lime in a Corona bottle, except way different seeing as the lime doesn’t generally make a break for the bottle neck with every sip. I’m surprised more people haven’t choked on runaway peanuts.

How did the peanut in R.C. Cola thing get started? I suspect like many Southern traditions laziness (er…efficiency) was involved. Why go to all the trouble of getting out plates and glassware when you can enjoy a handy lunch from a bottle? With protein, even! It’s a Southern-style smoothie.

In case you’re wondering, R.C. stands for “Royal Crown.” Why a bunch of Southerners would go for a drink with a dubious aristocratic heritage I couldn’t tell you. Except that some of us do like to put on airs (or better yet, tiaras).

I wouldn’t be surprised if many of y’all haven’t heard of R.C. Cola. (It might get a little street cred if they’d change the name to “RCC” in the manner of KFC and PBR.) But surely you’ve had a Nehi once or twice. Grape was the best back in the day. I don’t know that I’d be so eager to drink grape soda now. Unless it was mixed with Everclear. Note to Washington State Liquor Control Board: Give us Purple Passion. Please!

For me, the most memorable thing about R.C. Cola was their early 70s “Me and My R.C.” campaign. Who remembers the jingle? Sing it with me: “Me and my R.CCCCCCC. Me and my R.C. What’s good enough…for other folks…ain’t good enough for me!”

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