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9. Snuff–Dip, Spit, Repeat

7 Jan

No, not the films. I’m talking tobacco. Snuff (also known as dip or Skoal) is a smokeless tobacco that folks lodge between their lower lip and gums. Its only redeeming factor as far as I can tell is that you can’t die from second-hand snuff. Though you might want to when you see the inside of a guy’s spit cup. Oh yeah, did I mention that snuff causes one to build up excess saliva that has to be frequently expelled? Folks either spit on the ground (hopefully only when outdoors) or into some sort of receptacle. I’ve seen everything from beer cups to coffee cans used for this purpose. Sadly, I’ve never encountered an actual spittoon. I reckon those are for fancy people.

If you grow up in the South, you most likely will at some point date someone who dips. I am loathe to admit that I, myself, did. Though oddly enough, this was long after I’d left the South. In fact, I was in Seattle where I thought I was surely safe from snuff.

Turns out the guy I dated (who was not a smoker) bummed some nicotine gum off a friend one time. He greatly enjoyed the nicotine buzz but was dismayed to discover how pricey the gum was. So he started dipping instead. By the time I met him, he was a hardcore dipper who had built up such a tolerance he was able to swallow the tobacco spit, which is why I didn’t realize he dipped until our third date. Sadly, by that point I was hooked on him. The low point was when he asked me to carry his Skoal in my purse. I became an enabler.

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